CAS 21st Century Skills Student Benchmarks

P21 Common Core Lesson Plan Examples

Colorado Libraries 2.0

(2.0 Tools such as twitter, blogging and much more taught in 2-3 minute video segments)

CDE Standards Implementation Toolkit Design Tools

(Vertical Progressions, Concept Connections, Discipline Content Maps)

Literacy Design Collaborative

(LDC Guidebook and Template Tasks available for free download)

Sample template tasks and brief overview of how to use the template tasks:

New Visions for Public Schools

(Literacy Design Collaborative Resources, including sample modules)

Assessment Resources

PBL Checklists


Academy District 20's 21st Century Skills Site

Intel's Assessing Projects Database

Inquiry Quest -- 21st Century Skills Assessment in Action -- Adams12 School District


Richard Byrne - Free Technology Resources For Teachers (Site includes downloads and resources for helping teachers find and use technology)

Symbaloo Page from ISTE 11 (60 websites in 60 minutes - Find at least one new site to add to your educational toolbox!)